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Whelmed Over?

In times of transition and transformation, journeys of grief to great aspiration, Transformational Coach Chaz Wesley addresses the intricate matters of individuals, organizations and businesses searching for direction and balance.

Grief Counseling

You have within you an essential and instinctive response to loss called grieving - - and grief is a natural, healing process. More than just an emotional experience, it affects every aspect of your being.


When your whole sense of self (emotional, behavioral, physical, cognitive, and spiritual) feels injured and vulnerable, one of the ways you can claim your rightful presence in the world is to claim the legitimacy of your grief and your need for guidance in it's unknown territory. Chaz Wesley is not a therapist, but rather a recognized grief coach whose expertise is in the journey of bereaved people and their basic understanding for wise counsel and companionship on that journey.

Grief is not a route to be avoided; rather it is a process to be embraced. Any of the emotions you are experiencing should be considered normal for you. They are a natural part of the grieving process –

of your grieving process.

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1:1 Transformational Coaching

One-on-One Transformational Coaching with Chaz Wesley is designed to support your personal journey through times of change and transition.

Transformational Coaching is different from other coaching methods. The coaching sessions create shifts in one's self awareness so one can develop the ability to recognize how they contribute to their own state of wellness or unhappiness.


Chaz and his team of coaches will:

  • Listen for underlying beliefs and assumptions, 

  • Identify and explore the facts, patterns of behavior, feelings and consciousness the client is holding,

  • Process from one held belief through another,

  • Develop clarity to recognize what has been holding you back,

  • Create a new awareness of mindful expression

  • Co-Create with you the pathway to productivity,    meaning and purpose for a transformed life.

Transformational Coaching offers a personalized approach to gain insight and clarity while discovering healthy, optimistic perspectives in the areas of one’s relationships, health, finances, career, spirituality or contribution to society.

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