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to the bereaved and those coping with grief and loss:

You Have Permission...

One of our most popular items, the YHP Companion Card series, includes 7 cards designed to be sent at heavy grief times throughout the griever's "first year of firsts" - and carries a message of honor and hope, which reiterates, "You Have Permission...." Inside each card is a written therapeutic gift.

Individuals use this instead of sending flowers - or casseroles.

Hospices use this as their bereavement mailing and a means by which to acquire volunteer hours.

  • 7 full-size cards including:  1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 13th month post-death and a special holiday and anniversary card

    • $35 - set of 7


A therapeutic tool to gift individually or as a set, these cards validate that grief is real, and though we can’t give the griever permission, we can give them a reminder to grant the gift of permission to themselves – and gently assure them we are on the journey with them.

Individuals give the entire deck, use individually in sympathy cards, 

or include in our Companion Card series (above).

Therapists and Counselors use these in therapeutic practices.

  • 1 SET (52 different front & back, business card-sized cards)

    • $24.97

    • 195.00 for 10-set bundle

Email us the quantity you'd like and place your order today.

Bulk pricing available.

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