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Virtual Coaching with Chaz Wesley

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Transformational Coach & Grief Expert

Chaz Wesley is a widely recognized transformational coach, illustrious keynote speaker and noted author best known for his work as a death doula and expert in the field of end-of-life and grief/bereavement education. 

In private practice, Chaz counsels people in grief and companions their journey with a mindful sense of permission and how to grieve mindfully.  


His practice of transformational coaching integrates proven modalities, applicable skills and inspirational insights to individuals and organizations seeking conscious focus, direction and balance.



Grief. Chaos. Overwhelm.

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“I've seen therapists, clergy and psychologists for decades. After three sessions with Chaz, I feel like I've found the all-in-one remote control - and the program to transform my reality. ”

- Jesse M.

“My grief seemed to smother me for years, until Chaz helped me see it was simply believing my mired thinking that was smothering me. I’ve learned to not only accept my grief; I now embrace it and see it as part of my path to a joy-filled life.”

- Emily K.

“With a room full of healthcare professionals, social workers and chaplains, we captured video of laughter, tears and a standing ovation that wouldn’t stop. Next year, we’re booking Chaz for two hours!”

- Cathey C.

(National Hospice & Home Health Conference) 

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